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Saturday, September 19
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Oliver Lee
The Gas Giants
Join Oliver Lee Memorial State Park and the Amateur Astronomers Group for a star party featuring the Milky Way galaxy and the gas giants of our solar system: Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Ancient people of east Asia saw the Milky Way as a silvery river in the sky. Philosophers and astronomers viewed the Milky Way as "the universe" well into the 20th century. Learn how the work of astronomers like Herber Curtis and Edwin Hubble changed our view of our place in space starting in the 1920's. Galileo - using his telescope gave humanity its first glimpses of the solar system’s gas giants. A thin waxing crescent Moon will be visible in the western sky.
Fees: Regular Entrance Fee
Contact: Kate German (575) 437-8284

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