OCD Permitting

Welcome To Electronic Permitting for the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (OCD).

You do not need to log on or have a user id to access the Operator Data functions (Permit Status, Well List, Inactive Well List and C-115 reports).

You do need to log on to submit a permit or form. If you have a user id, click the Sign-in option.

Oil Conservation Division Registrations (Begin Here)

Any organization that operated wells in New Mexico prior to December 15, 2005 is already registered as a well operator, so you would not need to select these options.

    Register contact information to obtain authorization to operate a well
        Drilling, operating, or producing any oil, gas, brine mining injection, fluid injection, or oil and gas waste disposal well(s).

    Register contact information to obtain authorization to operate as a transporter for oil or gas
        Transporting, reclaiming, treating, processing, or refining crude oil, gas and products; recovering skim oil from a salt water disposal site.

Helpful Links for Registered Organizations

    Sign up to be an Operator Administrator
        This option will get you a user id to submit permits and forms.
        If your organization already has an Operator Administrator, that person will give you a user id.
        Your organization must be a registered operator (above) before you can proceed with this option.

    Update Operator Address and Contact Information
        Sign on to OCD Online with your user id and password and go to Administration, then Operator Management, then Address and Contact Information to update your contact information.

    Instructions for C-115 (Monthly Well Production Form)

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