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New Mexico State Parks Division

Cerrillos Hills State Park


Wearing a face mask is mandatory in public settings. Maintain social distance of 6 feet or more. Bring hand sanitizer and additional personal protective equipment. 2/24/2021 - ongoing


The current public health order has closed the park visitor center. Please call the park number 505-474-0196 if you need to reach park staff. 3/30/2021 - 1/1/2024


Fires, off-road vehicles, shooting, metal detecting, prospecting, digging or collecting are prohibited in Cerrillos Hills State Park. 3/30/2021 - 1/1/2024
Damaging natural resources, historic mine sites, and cultural resources is illegal. Violators are subject to prosecution. 3/30/2021 - 1/1/2024

Office Phone

(505) 474-0196
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