OCD Permitting

Cases Scheduled for Special Commission Hearing for Thursday, October 08, 2020

Below is a preliminary list of cases schedule to be heard at this OCC hearing. A party desiring to use projection equipment at the hearing shall contact Florene Davidson, OCD Clerk, no later than seven (7) business days prior to the hearing.

Case No. Description
1. 21381 Ameredev II, LLC, INSERT ADDRESS, filed Form C-108 (Application for Authorization to Inject) on XX/XX/2020, with the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division seeking authorization to drill, complete, and operate its proposed acid gas injection (AGI) well Independence AGI #1. The well will be a vertical well, located at approximately 829 feet FNL, 1,443 feet FWL in Section 20, T25S, R36E in Lea County, New Mexico, approximately six miles west of Jal, New Mexico. Ameredev plans to inject up to 12 million standard cubic feet (MMSCF) per day of treated acid gas at a maximum pressure of 4,779 psig into the Devonian to Montoya formations though an open hole completion between approximately 16,200 feet and a total depth of approximately 17,900 feet.

This application (Case Number XXXXX) has been set for hearing before the New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission at XX:XX a.m. on XX/XX/2020, in the Wendell Chino Building at the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division’s Santa Fe office located at 1220 South Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. Interested parties that may be affected by Ameredev’s application may appear and present testimony by filing a Pre-Hearing Statement with the Divisions Santa Fe office at the above-specified address at least four days in advance of the scheduled hearing date. Additional information can be obtained from the applicant’s agent, Geolex, Inc.®; 500 Marquette Avenue NW; Suite 1350; Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102; (505)842-8000.
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