OCD Permitting

Cases Scheduled for Commission Hearing for Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Below is a preliminary list of cases schedule to be heard at this OCC hearing. A party desiring to use projection equipment at the hearing shall contact Florene Davidson, OCD Clerk, no later than seven (7) business days prior to the hearing.

Case No. Description
1. 15855 Application to revoke the injection authority granted under SWD-1680 for the Alpha SWD No. 1 Well operated by Alpha SWD Operating LLC. Order No. R-14484 is an emergency stay order in effect for 15 days suspending SWD-1680
2. 21321 De Novo appeal to the Oil Conservation Commission of Order No. R-21308 which granted the applications of COG Operating, LLC in Division Case Nos. 20923, 20924, 20925 and 20926 for compulsory pooling and called for drilling COG’s 32 Mastiff horizontal wells. The Division’s order pooled all mineral interests within the Mesa Verde Bone Spring Pool (Pool code 96229); and, Wolfcamp formation (Pool code 98309) (WC-025 G-08 S243213C). The spacing units dedicated to COG’s proposed wells underlie the W/2 equivalent of irregular Section 4, Township 24 South, Range 32 East, and the W/2 of Section 33, Township 23 South, Range 32 East; and, the E/2 equivalent of Section 4 and the E/2 of Section 9, Township 23 South, Range 32 East, Lea County, New Mexico. The spacing units are located approximately 23 miles east of Loving, New Mexico. This case will be heard de novo pursuant to the provisions of Division Rule NMAC.
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