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Eagle Nest Lake State Park


Eagle Nest Lake is varying from open water to iced over, it is closed to all types of boating until the weather stabilizes and remains warm enough for ice to no longer form, please call the park for current conditions. Full fire restrictions are in effect. Campground is open, all sites first come first served, no reservations until mid May. 3/8/2018 - ongoing


Eagle Nest Lake is closed to all types of boating including canoes, kayaks, and all types of motor boats. 2/12/2018 - ongoing


Full fire restrictions are in effect, no open flames allowed. Smoking must be confined to a 3'x3' clear space or in a vehicle with an ashtray. 1/17/2018 - ongoing

Boating Conditions

Elevation (MSL): 8,119.440
Surface (Acres): 1,694.240
Volume (Acre Feet): 42,995.000
Last Updated 3/12/2018

Office Phone

(575) 377-1594
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