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Elephant Butte Lake State Park


The Plaza, Lions Beach, Desert Cove, and South Monticello Comfort Stations remain open and handle off-season use 9/15/2017 - ongoing
Monticello Boat Ramp Closed 5/21/2018 - ongoing


Cliffs Area Due to Hazards Until Further Notice 6/6/2017 - 12/31/2018


Campfires and charcoal are prohibited in campgrounds. Exception granted where cooking, heating and lighting devices use kerosene, white gas or propane as a fuel in an improved camping sites cleared of vegetation for at least 30 feet, or has a water source. Propane or gas grills & campfires are allowed within 100 ft. of the shoreline down on the beach Smoking is prohibited except in enclosed RV’s or trailers, vehicles equipped with ashtrays, and on paved or surfaced roads. Fireworks prohibited. 5/1/2018 - ongoing

Boating Conditions

Elevation (MSL): 4,320.280
Surface (Acres): 9,326.940
Volume (Acre Feet): 273,907.000
Last Updated 6/11/2018

Ramp Status

Main Ramp (Open)
Rock Canyon Ramp (Open)
Monticello Ramp (Closed)
Dam Site Ramp (Open)

Office Phone

(575) 744-5923
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