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El Vado Lake State Park


Stage 2 Fire Restrictions 5/15/2018 - ongoing
Main boat ramp closed due to low water hazards. Still allowing small paddle type craft only. 7/10/2018 - ongoing


North El Vado Boat Ramp, The Peninsula, Sands Cove and South Point October 3 - May 14 5/1/2017 - ongoing
Main boat ramp closed 7/10/2018 - ongoing


Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are in effect. Rio Arriba County Resolution 2018-061 Has been implemented prohibiting open fires within Rio Arriba County. These measures have been taken to protect the safety, health and property of citizens. Burning of the following types is prohibited: Open flame fires, Campfires, Trash/Rubbish, Crop Fields, Range Land, Natural Vegetation, Shrubbery. 5/15/2018 - ongoing

Boating Conditions

Elevation (MSL): 6,802.270
Surface (Acres): 667.000
Volume (Acre Feet): 11,747.000
Last Updated 11/12/2018

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(575) 588-7247
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